Offshore Company Formation, Offshore Trusts, Private Foundations and Funds for Wealth Protection, International Business, Tax Optimization and Investment

Sterling establishes, manages and administers offshore companies and international companies, offshore trusts, private foundations and funds utilized in various structures for an international clientele spanning over 80 countries.  These entities combined with Sterling’s supporting services allow us to provide a number of different solutions designed to achieve specific objectives of our clients.  These objectives broadly include asset protection, international investment, tax optimization and foreign market entry.

Today’s global business and investment environment is continually evolving with new bilateral and multilateral frameworks being agreed between countries, governments looking to increase tax revenues to fill voids and other factors that can effect the international investor, corporation or businessman.  Sterling  understands these ever changing dynamics and provides services designed to help our clientele achieve their objectives while remaining compliant in the new global environment.  We continually strive to make the complex simple so our clients can focus on other matters.

Whether the situation requires services relating to offshore companies, private foundations, offshore trusts and/or funds in Seychelles or any other country, Sterling can accommodate your needs in a competent and expeditious manner.

Why Choose Sterling?

  • Licensed and regulated to provide corporate services, trustee services, foundation services and mutual fund administration services
  • Qualified and knowledgeable professionals
  • Efficient, cost effective service
  • Trusted service provider of hundreds of private clients and intermediaries spanning the globe
  • Compliant solutions for private wealth, global corporations, entrepreneurs and global investors
  • Bespoke solutions tailored to achieve objectives of each client

Offshore Companies

Offshore company formation and administration

Tax Exempt and Low Tax Companies

For international trade and investment purposes.

Private Foundations

Private foundation formation and administration

Private & Charitable Foundations

For estate/succession planning and philanthropic purposes.

Offshore Trusts

Offshore trust formation and trustee services

Trusts for Estate/Succession Planning

For estate/succession planning and philanthropic purposes.

Offshore Funds

Set up and administration of mutual funds

Mutual Funds & Hedge Funds

Collective investment schemes for private clients and asset managers.

Our Focus

Sterling provides bespoke solutions and services for individuals and families to grow and protect their businesses and wealth utilizing offshore trusts, private foundations, offshore companies, mutual funds and more. We often work with private wealth advisors to establish and administer these structures for their clients thereafter working closely with these advisors on an ongoing basis.
We provide a wide array of services to assist our individual and corporate customers with international expansion plans and foreign market entry. This includes international tax planning, offshore company formation, management and administration, virtual office services, professional directors and more.
Whether setting up a bespoke private client structure or assisting a corporate client with international expansion plans, Sterling can assist putting together a structure designed for tax optimization utilizing legal tax avoidance methods available working with domestic tax advisers where necessary.
Sterling provides solutions for individuals, businesses and investment firms seeking to establish tax efficient investment structures for international investment ranging from anything from as simple as a basic offshore company to a complex hedge fund depending on the situation and requirements of the client.

Client Testimonials

"You are awesome. It is such a pleasure dealing with such a professional team. We deal with so many people in so many countries and I honestly have to say the Sterling team is by far the most professional. The honest truth and thought you should all know."

"I have to tell you the back up support that you give me is absolutely amazing. I so appreciate it. It’s important to me that you know that. Thank you HEAPS."

"I just wanted to extend a warm and grateful thank you for your assistance over the past month. I have been very impressed with your services: highly professional, very efficient and very reliable......."

".....At every stage throughout the process, I was confident that you understood my needs well and that you were acting in good faith and with an appreciation for my situation."

"I want to thank you for the service that I received; for the fair price that was charged for those services; for the quick email responses; for looking out after our needs and making sure that everything was taken care of and completed as required and even going beyond the call of typical customer service […]

"I must say with all honesty and truthfulness that working with Sterling has been a most delightful experience. Your company was immediately on top of any issues that came up and ready to handle things quickly, personally, and professionally."