Does Sterling Offshore offer tax or legal advice?

/Does Sterling Offshore offer tax or legal advice?

Does Sterling Offshore offer tax or legal advice?

In short, no. Sterling Offshore consults with each client regarding the legal uses and tax consequences of offshore companies as described in the jurisdictions in which we operate.  We also consult on matters relating to the use of tax resident companies and tax treaties to minimize overall taxation. It is still incumbent on the client to seek qualified tax and/or legal counsel in their own jurisdiction.

While we are well qualified professionals and offshore consultants, we cannot offer tax and legal advice to clients in their jurisdiction of residence/citizenship/domicile.  The tax codes and relevant laws and regulations are continually changing. Considering the global reach of Sterling Offshore, it would be impossible and inappropriate for us to advise clients on matters pertaining to foreign taxation and law.

Sterling Offshore strongly urges all of our clients to seek legal and/or tax advice from a qualified professional in their own country prior to entering into a relationship with us.  We are happy to offer our clients professional recommendations in places where we have relationships established.  Similarly, we prefer to work with your attorney or accountant directly.

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