Is it legal to utilise an offshore structure for asset protection and tax minimisation?

Every person and every company should pay their fair share of taxes and we do not advocate tax evasion or tax fraud of any kind.  However, everyone has a legal right to minimize their taxes through legal tax avoidanceas well as to protect their hard earned assets. Citizens of many countries now find themselves with increasingly [...]

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What is an offshore company?

There is no universal definition of an "offshore" company, but in its most basic form it is merely a company established in any jurisdiction other than your place of residence or domicile.  Offshore companies are broadly broken down into three different categories: The most popular option is the completely tax neutral structure such as an [...]

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What are the procedures for ordering my offshore company?

Please visit this link Ordering Formalities for a brief overview of the steps necessary to order our services and establish your offshore company. You will find all of the necessary information including specifics on each offshore jurisdiction, services offered, applications, etc on this website. Applications, country guides, relevant laws and other information can be found [...]

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What is the best jurisdiction for offshore incorporation?

This depends on the individual situation. Sterling Offshore takes the time to work with each client individually to accurately assess your needs and then suggest the ideal jurisdiction for your offshore incorporation.  There are many other factors that may influence this answer including where the client or his/her business is located, specific countries where business [...]

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Is owning an offshore company legal?

In nearly every situation, the answer is a clear and resounding YES.  Each country has different reporting requirements and tax treatment regarding offshore entities. This is why we stress the importance of obtaining professional legal and/or tax advice in your own country.

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What are the most popular uses of offshore companies?

There are several uses for offshore companies including international investment holding (providing access to otherwise unavailable markets), international real estate holding, asset protection, international trade, import/export, transfer and holding of intellectual property, personal services corporations for expatriates working abroad, etc. See this link for more information Offshore Company Typical Uses.

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What is the purpose of an offshore shelf company?

The expression "I need this yesterday" is literally possible with a shelf company.  Some jurisdictions take a few days to weeks to register a new company and shelf companies can save critical time in these cases. Additionally, companies which have a bit of longevity often find it easier to obtain credit, bid for contracts and [...]

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