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The International Business Company of International Business Corporation (IBC), sometimes also referred to as an offshore IBC or IBC company, is a type of offshore company that is a product of specific legislation found in popular offshore financial centers (dubbed "tax havens"). International Business Companies are 100% tax exempt in the jurisdiction of incorporation.  An International Business Company offers a number of features and benefits that make it ideally suited for a number of uses.

International Business Company Features

  • 100% tax exempt on all forms of income, gains and similar with no withholding taxes
  • Usually may not earn income from domestic sources
  • Fast incorporation
  • Relatively inexpensive to operate
  • No requirements to prepare and file annual financial statements
  • Flexible legal structure suitable for a wide variety of uses
  • Enhanced privacy (no public records of directors and shareholders)
  • Meetings of directors and shareholders can be held anywhere in the world
  • No currency restrictions (trading, assets, bank accounts, accounting reference, etc.)
  • No capital controls

Common Uses of Offshore IBC Companies

Popular International Business Companies