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Sterling is a leading Seychelles company formation services provider for Seychelles offshore company formation (Seychelles IBC) and tax-resident Seychelles company formation services (Seychelles CSL and Seychelles PCC).  Sterling holds multiple licenses in Seychelles including an "International Corporate Services Provider" license issued by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority.

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Consulting/advisory services

Our professionals are experts in Seychelles company formation matters.

  • We guide each client as to the relevant Seychelles company laws and regulatory requirements.
  • Prior to beginning any work Sterling engages with each client and, where applicable, the professional advisor to assess the key objectives and requirements in order to help craft the best solution.
  • Together we come up with the best solution (i.e. products/entities + services).
  • Once agreed we begin working with the client to set up the Seychelles company and any related entities (e.g. private foundation, offshore trust, etc.).

Preparation of Seychelles company formation documents

Sterling's professional team then prepares all of the necessary documents required to complete the Seychelles company formation depending on the type of company and according to requirements of each client.  The basic documents relating to a Seychelles company formation include the following:

  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • Resolution appointing the directors
  • First resolutions of the directors (organisational)
  • Share register
  • Register of directors
  • Share certificates (optional)
  • Declaration of Trust (where nominee shareholder services provided)
  • Power of Attorney (where professional director services are requested)

Seychelles company incorporation

The next step in the Seychelles company setup process is to register the necessary company documents with the relevant Seychelles company registrar. Seychelles is a bit unique in that there are two Seychelles company registries (i.e. equivalent to UK Companies House) depending on the type of Seychelles formation.  The Seychelles Financial Services Authority is the Seychelles offshore company registry (i.e. for Seychelles IBCs) and the Registrar General, Companies Division is the Seychelles company registry for all other Seychelles companies.

The following are the procedures for Seychelles company incorporation for each of the two Seychelles company registries:

Seychelles offshore  company incorporation (i.e. Seychelles IBC) procedures

  • The documents required to be filed for a Seychelles offshore company incorporation (i.e. Seychelles IBC) include the following:
    • Memorandum of Association
    • Articles of Association
  • Note that the details of the directors and shareholders are not filed with the Seychelles offshore company registry.
  • Upon lodging the above company documents, it takes 1 day or less to complete the Seychelles company incorporation process and Sterling then collects the stamped documents and Certificate of Incorporation.

Seychelles company incorporation procedures for other Seychelles companies (i.e. Seychelles CSL and Seychelles PCC)

  • An application form must be completed and provided to the Seychelles Financial Services Authority along with the company documents to be registered:
    • Seychelles CSL Application Procedures
    • Seychelles PCC Application Procedures
  • Once the Seychelles FSA is satisfied that all of the application requirements of the relevant Act have been met, the company documents are then delivered and registered with the Registrar General, Companies Division to complete the incorporation.  The company documents include the following:
    • Memorandum of Association
    • Articles of Association
    • Particulars of Directors and Secretary
    • Notice of Place of Registered Office
  • Thereafter it usually takes 5 days to complete the Seychelles company incorporation process.

Additional Services

Once the Seychelles company formation process is complete, there are a number of additional services that Sterling provides depending on the requirements of each client.  Some of these include the following:

  • Seychelles registered office (required)
  • Seychelles registered agent (required for Seychelles IBC)
  • Seychelles local secretary (required for Seychelles CSL and Seychelles PCC)
  • offshore bank accounts
  • professional director services and company management
  • nominee shareholder services
  • company secretary services
  • Seychelles virtual office
    • Seychelles business address
    • Seychelles mailing address + mail forwarding
    • Seychelles telephone number + answering services
  • accounting services
  • ...............and much more!

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