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“I’d like to thank you all for your help and patience through the process.”


“Thank you for the excellent service that we have received from Sterling Offshore.Also, I’m ready to pay for this exchange of letters. You definitely spend time with me and I like to pay for this. But besides, I’d like to thank you for your patience with me, your understanding and your kindness.”


“You are awesome. It is such a pleasure dealing with such a professional team. We deal with so many people in so many countries and I honestly have to say the sterling team is by far the most professional. The honest truth and thought you should all know.”


“I have to tell you the back up support that you and Bobby give me is absolutely amazing. I so appreciate it. It’s important to me that you know that. Thank you HEAPS.”


“Thank God I have you guys looking after me.”


“In these days of internet marketing hype and misrepresentation in advertising, especially via the Internet, I thought at first that I might be taking a huge risk in deciding to work with Sterling to set up our new company; especially considering that I was about to spend about $2,000 dollars of hard earned funds to get the services that I was looking for. Now, after several weeks of dealing directly with Sterling and quite specifically with Michelle and Melanie, I must say with all honesty and truthfulness that working with Sterling has been a most delightful experience. Your company was immediately on top of any issues that came up and ready to handle things quickly, personally, and professionally.

I can say with candor that Sterling has impressed me. I want to thank you for the service that I received; for the fair price that was charged for those services; for the quick email responses; for looking out after our needs and making sure that everything was taken care of and completed as required and even going beyond the call of typical customer service with your timely return phone calls and generally, things that should not ever be overlooked in good customer service, which is sadly not the case with most companies that we have all become familiar with. I could go on but I will close my thoughts now and I would be happy to recommend to any others looking for offshore services to seriously consider working with Sterling.”


“I just wanted to extend a warm and grateful thank you for your assistance over the past month. I have been very impressed with your services: highly professional, very efficient and very reliable. At every stage throughout the process, i was confident that you understood my needs well and that you were acting in good faith and with an appreciation for my situation.”


“WOW, once again, thank you.”


“My thanks to you and your colleagues for your diligent and timely efforts.”


“Super team!”