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Offshore Company Online Name Check

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  • Please indicate the jurisdiction and entity for which you would like us to check the name.
  • Please note that names that are not unique will often not be available especially in jurisdictions like Hong Kong and BVI which have 100's of thousands of names on the register. Choose something unique or have 3 or more words in the name for the best chance of the name being available.
  • Please indicate another option in case the first preferred name is not available.
  • 1. All Florida LLCs will end with "LLC".

    2. All Hong Kong companies will end with "Ltd".

    3. All UK LLPs will end with "LLP".

    4. All Panama companies will end with "S.A".

    5. All Seychelles CSL will end with "Ltd."

    6. All BVI, Seychelles IBC and Belize IBC will end with "Ltd" unless stated otherwise. The following name endings are available for all BVI, Seychelles IBC and Belize IBC offshore companies:

    - Limited or Ltd
    - Corporation or Corp.
    - Incorporated or Inc.
    - Société Anonyme or Sociedad Anomina or S.A.
    - Company or CO.
    - Spolecnost s. rvcenin omezenym or S.R.O.
    - Limita or LTDA.
    - Compagnie or CIE
    - Società per Azioni or S.P.A.
    - Société par action or s.p.a.
    - Részvény Társaság or R.T.
    - Osakkeyhtiä or Oy
    - Részvénytársaság or Rt
    - Akciová společnost or a.s.
    - Dioničko društvo or d.d.
    - Delniska druzba or D.D.
    - Aktsionernoye Obschestvo or A.O.
    - Osakeyhtiӧ or OY
    - Aktiengesellschaft or AG
    - Anstalt or Est.
    - Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung or GmbH
    - Société à responsabilité limitée or S.à.r.l.
    - Anpartsselskab or ApS
    - Aktieselskab or A/S
    - Società a responsabilità Limitada or S.r.l.
    - Sociedad Limitada or S.L.
    - Spólka Akcyjna or S.A.
    - Spólka organicsoną odpowiedzialnoścoą or Sp.z
    - Private limited company or o.o.
    - Close Corporation or CC
    - (Proprietory) Limited or (Pty) Ltd
    - Eteria periorismenis efthynis or E.P.E.
    - Public Limited Company or PLC
    - Société, à Responsabilité Limitée or S.A.R.L.
    - Berhad or Bhd
    - Proprietary or Pty
    - Namloze Vennootschap or N.V
    - Besloten Vennootschap or B.V
    - Aktiengesellschaft or A.G
    - Limited Life Company or LLC

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