Seychelles Securities Licenses

Sterling is uniquely qualified and experienced with advising and setting up a Seychelles Securities Dealer license along with ongoing support

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Seychelles Securities Dealer License

The Seychelles Securities Dealer license is a popular option for global CFD and FX dealers with many of the largest global players having a licensed presence in Seychelles.  Sterling advised and assisted the first 4 securities dealers in Seychelles including all of the members of MERJ Exchange along with a number of others associated with major international groups since.


The Seychelles Securities Act prescribes for licensees to deal in specific Securities as principal (e.g. CFD and FX derivatives dealers ) and/or on an agency basis subject to the business model of the licensee and approval from the Financial Services Authority.


The Seychelles Financial Services Authority mandates that securities license applicants are represented by and submit licensing applications through approved agents such as Sterling.  The Financial Services Authority will generally only approve license applications from established firms with at least one existing license in another reputable jurisdiction within the group.  Accordingly, Sterling limits its services to reputable firms with existing securities broker or dealer licenses in place within the group.


  • Low initial capital requirements
  • Low licensing fees
  • Wide range of assets covered under the definition of Securities

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Setting up a Seychelles Securities Dealer

Step 1

Establish a local company incorporated pursuant to the Companies Act 1972.

Step 2

Preparation and submission of the application documents.


Step 3

Ongoing communications and clarifications in support of the licensing application until the FSA reaches its final decision,

Step 4

Setting up of the office in Seychelles, retaining key staff required prior to launch of operations and obtaining final approval from the FSA to go live.