Services Overview

Sterling provides a broad suite of services to optimally support each client

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Core Services

Sterling provides a broad suite of services to optimally support the objectives of our global clientele.
The following is a snapshot of some of the core services provided by Sterling.

Corporate Services

Company Formation and Management

  • Advice on jurisdictional structuring to take advantage of jurisdictional and corporate frameworks
  • Onshore and offshore solutions for worldwide clients
  • Professional director services
  • Provision of comprehensive management and administration services including accountancy and secretarial services

Securitisation and Special Purpose Vehicles

  • Setting up, management and administration of securitisation vehicles and related SPVs (orphan structures)
  • Both standalone and multi-class/umbrella structures
  • Listing services for listing on the Seychelles Securities Exchange (“Trop-X”) if required
  • ..

Offshore Incorporations

  • All premier jurisdictions
  • Shelf companies available
  • Post incorporation support

Escrow Services

  • Support for merger and acquisition transactions, real estate transactions or other similar financial transactions which are completed over a period of time

Trust and Fiduciary

Trusts and Foundations
  • Full range of trust and foundation services including formation, management and administration
  • Tax and estate planning for private clients, pensions and employee benefits plans for corporate clients and charitable entities.


Family Office
  • Multi-family office model providing bespoke, personal and professional services
  • Structuring and management of family assets working in conjunction with new or existing family financial advisors and investment administrators.

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Fund Services

Fund Formation

  • Bespoke structures for private equity, property and hedge funds
  • Establishment and management of special purpose vehicles for use in licensed fund structures
  • Guidance on choice of structure, regulatory and licensing requirements and processes

Fund Administration

  • Provision of back office support to allow the fund manager focus on core activities
  • Independent calculation of Net Asset Value and accounting services

Transfer Agency

  • Handling all subscriptions and redemptions
  • Maintaining register of investors

Sterling’s Other Services


Sterling’s provides advisory services to our private, corporate and professional intermediary clients in terms of structuring, re-structuring, foreign market entry, international investment solutions, tax reduction solutions and more.


Sterling provides nominee shareholder services for offshore companies This is provided through a bare trust arrangement where the nominee will act only on express instruction of the client.


Maintaining all of the statutory documents in a compliant manner, advising the board of its obligations under the law as well as relevant provisions of the law and the constitution of the company or foundation can be a daunting task for all but the most experienced of clients. Sterling works with these laws daily and has experience drawn from establishing and administering thousands of entities. We use database driven comprehensive company secretarial and management system to assist with provision of such services to our clients. Whether it is maintaining safe custody of original contracts and statutory documents, advising directors, drafting minutes from board meetings, preparing board resolutions and similar, Sterling can provide competent and efficient secretarial services for offshore companies and private foundations maintained by us.


Often times our clients are engaged in international investments, raising capital through issuance of new shares to investors, transferring shares to third parties for valuable consideration and similar activities. Unless the parties know each other well and have a degree of trust that they will each deliver on a transaction, it is often advisable to utilize escrow services of a third party. Sterling can provide such a service so ensure the buyer receives the asset and the seller receives the consideration in a simple, but sound legal escrow process. Sterling is a licensed trustee services provider and as such all consideration handled in such a transaction is strictly through our client trust account under strict terms of an Escrow Agreement.

Offshore Bank Accounts

Sterling can assist our clients to set up an offshore bank account for any offshore company, offshore trust, private foundation or mutual fund established and administered by us.


Sterling’s client accounting system is fully integrated with our entity management system. We can efficiently maintain the financial records and prepare robust accounts including financial statements including consolidated financials where we administer a group of companies or a structure involving an offshore trust or private foundation with one or underlying offshore companies. The accounting system also allows us to calculate net asset values (NAV) of portfolios held by these entities which may include licensed mutual funds administered by Sterling.