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Sterling works with professional intermediaries and business introducers
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Professional Intermediaries

Sterling works with professional intermediaries and business introducers of all sorts including other corporate and trustee services providers, lawyers, accountants, banks, financial institutions, asset managers, fund managers, wealth intermediaries, tax consultants and other similar and related fields. We are able to accommodate simple business introducer arrangements whereby business is introduced to us and we deal with the end user client directly as well as professional intermediary arrangements where the intermediary is our client of record.



Sterling is able to implement a communication policy based on the preference of each client which can even be tailored to the level of each entity established with us. This helps to mitigate risk and support accurate services. If the intermediary client is a regulated entity or individual and is properly mandated by the end user client of the structure, Sterling can communicate with and receive instructions strictly from the professional intermediary if this is preferred. In such cases, Sterling will not contact your clients and in cases where a client makes contact directly with Sterling, we notify the professional intermediary client immediately and will only respond directly to the end user client if expressly requested to do so by the professional intermediary. Otherwise if it is preferred that we communicate directly with the end user client or if the structure and level of services otherwise dictate that this is a necessity, we can ensure that the professional intermediary is copied in on communications with the end user to help maintain relationships and service levels.



As with communications, we are also able to implement a billing policy for each professional intermediary client based on the preference of same. Thus for each entity established with Sterling, we can specify a particular billing contact which could be the professional intermediary or the end user client.

Record Collection/Retention

Intermediaries that are in a profession which is regulated under anti-money laundering laws comparable to those of our own and who can demonstrate that they have the experience and control systems in place to collect and retain the information that we would normally collect and retain under our own legal and regulatory framework for end user client may be able to collect and retain originals of all of the “Know Your Client” (KYC) and “Due Diligence” (DD) documents. Certain exceptions may apply to this such as where we are requested to provide nominee or fiduciary services or assist with banking introductions.

Sterling also welcomes unregulated business introducers. When working with unregulated intermediaries Sterling must collect the original KYC and DD documentation for each end user client of entities being established with us and all ongoing communications around the structure would be conducted directly with the end user client. Sterling is able to offer the business introducer a commission on all initial and ongoing fees for as long as the client is a client of Sterling.

How do I Sign Up!

Step 1

Please complete the short questionnaire here (Professional Intermediary Questionnaire) at the below link in order for us to learn more about your business and nature of the services to be provided by Sterling.

Step 2

We will review and promptly contact you to arrange a call which will allow us both to introduce ourselves and more efficiently address any questions we may have.

Step 3

We will then forward a fee proposal and draft services agreement.

Step 4

Once we reach agreement on the fees and services, we will then request you to forward standard supporting KYC documents for you/your firm for us to meet our legal and regulatory requirements relating to new client taken on procedures.