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Offshore Company Formation

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Sterling is a leading offshore company formation and registration services provider based in Seychelles providing services for Seychelles and other popular offshore companies jurisdictions In addition to offshore company formation services, Sterling provides a number of complementary services such as professional directors, nominee shareholders, virtual office, fund administration, company secretary, offshore bank accounts and more.

The following table presents some of the most popular offshore company jurisdictions where Sterling provides services as well as an indication of base fees.

Offshore Company Jurisdictions

Sterling offers services for the following popular offshore company jurisdictions.
Anguilla Offshore Company Contact us Contact us Request a Quote
Belize Offshore Company Contact us Contact us Request a Quote
BVI Offshore Company Contact us Contact us Request a Quote
Panama Offshore Company Contact us Contact us Request a Quote
Seychelles Offshore Company – Seychelles IBC Contact us Contact us Request a Quote
Seychelles Offshore Company – Seychelles CSL Contact us Contact us Request a Quote


Use this offshore company comparison chart to compare and contrast some of the most popular offshore companies above.

Offshore Company Formation Services

Sterling offers all of the following offshore company formation services:


Consultation and

Drafting of company formation documents


Domiciliary services (e.g. registered office, secretary, etc.)



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Sterling’s professional team is available to provide guidance and answer any questions posed by you and your advisors prior to commencing with the offshore company formation. This guidance would generally cover any or all of the following:


  • advice as to the best offshore company jurisdiction for the specific situation,
  • identifying any potential benefits available through tax treaties,
  • guidance on structuring with consideration given to any potential risks relating to taxation of the structure; and more…….

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Preparation of offshore company formation documents

Once all of the requirements are known and services decided with our client, Sterling drafts and prepares all of the documents necessary to register an offshore company with the relevant offshore company registry. Therefore this is usually a simple process with the documents generated from standard templates.

Where particular requirements necessitate any modifications to standard documents and custom drafting we are able to assist with this as well. Examples which would typically necessitate this custom drafting include the following:

  • where there is a shareholder agreement;
  • the intended purpose of setting up an offshore company is for use as an investment company
  • the offshore company is being used as a special purpose vehicle where it issues securities;
  • the client desires non-standard corporate governance related provisions; and
  • many other reasons.

For complex requirements, we can enlist the services of our partner lawyers or we can work with another lawyer preferred by the client.

Company registration and incorporation

  • Sterling delivers all of the relevant documents to the respective offshore company registrar (i.e. companies house) to complete the offshore company incorporation process.
  • The company registrar will then return the stamped documents along with a Certificate of Incorporation which is proof that the offshore company registration was compliant with all legal requirements.
  • The offshore company incorporation process is then complete!

Domiciliary services

After the offshore company incorporation process is complete, Sterling provides a host of additional services depending on the requirements of the client. Every offshore company usually requires at least minimum domiciliary services such as a local registered office and/or company secretary in the jurisdiction of incorporation. Sterling offers the necessary domiciliary services required for each of the offshore company formation jurisdictions covered. Basic domiciliary services include the following:

  • local registered office;
  • local registered agent (where required);
  • local company secretary (where required or otherwise optional if desired); and
  • safe custody of all books, registers and records in accordance with domestic legal and regulatory requirements.documents required to be maintained in the jurisdiction.

Additional services

Sterling can provide or arrange for provision of a number of other services in addition to the offshore company formation and basic domiciliary services. These include the following:

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