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Sterling is a leading offshore foundation ("private foundation") services provider.  You can read more about Sterling's offshore private foundation services and other related services below.  Otherwise, you may complete the following simple online offshore company quotation form now to receive a quotation:

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Sterling provides private foundation services including advisory, formation and ongoing management and administration of foundations.

1. Advisory Services - Sterling provides advisory services in relation to setting up a private foundation tailored to the requirements of each client.

2. Formation - Sterling then drafts the necessary supporting documents registering the required documents with the registrar to establish the foundation.

3. "Nominee Founder" Services - The name of the Founder is made public in the Charter and as such many clients choose to utilize Sterling's services to maintain privacy. When providing a Nominee Founder, an agreement is entered into with the true Founder such that the Nominee Founder only acts on instruction of the true Founder.

4. "Nominee Protector" Services - While the role of the Protector is not public, it is often viewed as the party that "controls" the foundation depending on the powers given to the Protector, if any, in the foundation documents. As such, many choose to utilize Sterling's Nominee Protector services for an additional layer of privacy. Similar to the Nominee Founder role, an agreement is entered into with the true Protector or the true Founder and the Nominee Protector only acts on express instruction from this party.

5. Foundation Council Services - The councilors manage the day to day affairs of a private foundation and act as the executive body for all decision making. As such it is usually important for tax planning that the councilors are themselves not resident in a high tax country. Sterling provides Foundation Council Services through experienced staff from our offices in Seychelles where we manage a number of private foundations for clients spanning the globe.