Fund Services Overview

Sterling provides a broad suite of services to optimally support fund managers, family offices and investment professionals

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Fund Services Overview

Sterling provides a number of different fund services relating to licensed mutual funds resulting in a turn key solution for all sorts of funds including private equity funds, hedge funds, real estate funds, funds of funds and more. This includes mutual fund formation, fund administration and various ad hoc services depending on the requirements of the client and situation.

Fund Formation Services

Sterling assists with all aspects of mutual fund formation including private equity fund formation and hedge fund formation services.


Fund Company

  • Review/Drafting of special Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Incorporation of the fund company
  • First resolutions relating to organization of the company
  • Arranging payment of Government fees at incorporation of the fund company
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  • Vetting/Drafting of Offering Memorandum
  • Vetting/Drafting and provision of Compliance Manual
  • Vetting/Drafting and provision of Anti-Money Laundering Manual
  • Vetting/Drafting of Fund Administration, Management and/or Investment Advisor contracts
  • Arranging for legal review of all corporate and contractual documents by a Seychelles lawyer



  • Appointment of Fund Manager or Investment Manager (if applicable)
  • Appointment of auditor
  • Appointment of Fund Administrator (annual administration fees to be negotiated separately if provided by Sterling)
  • Appointment of custodian and assistance with opening of a custodial account
  • Appointment of broker and assistance opening a brokerage account
  • Appointment of banker and assistance opening a bank account



  • Procuring and advising you on all the guidelines, directives and circulars that apply to the particular type of fund
  • Drafting of the respective licensing applications for the fund
  • Advising and reviewing all supporting documents required to be submitted to the FSA
  • Attending meeting on behalf of the fund company with FSA including attending to all inquiries from you and from FSA
  • Submissions of all documents to FSA and follow up thereafter
  • If required, applying for extension of time to submit certain documents


Stock Exchange Listing

  • Obtaining ISIN number (if necessary)
  • Assistance with listing on Trop-X, the Seychelles Securities Exchange (if needed)

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Directorship Services

Sterling is able to provide directors for the fund vehicle which is important for investor protection as well as the tax residency of the fund vehicle itself. As a licensed fund administrator, Sterling’s directorship services offer a value added services in terms of the fund formation and thereafter the smooth operation of the fund vehicle by qualified, knowledgeable professionals.


Investor Servicing

The Sterling Fund Services team provides a range of services to help connect the fund manager with its clients.

  • Providing share registrar, transfer agent, paying agent and settlement services
  • Maintenance of the register of investors
  • Processing all subscriptions and redemptions
  • Compliance with prevailing Anti-Money Laundering regulations in terms of client onboarding
  • Providing assistance with the initial payment process for new subscriptions

Fund Accounting and Portfolio Valuation

  • Calculation of daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly net asset value (NAV) of the assets of the mutual fund as stipulated by the mutual fund
  • Independent valuation of the fund portfolio
  • Independent verification and reconciliation of the portfolio and reports from the broker/custodian
  • Calculating and recording all income, fees and expenses of the fund
  • Maintaining all books and records required for statutory purposes
  • Preparation of accounts and liaising with the auditor of the fund