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Sterling is a leading provider of security token offering services.

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STO Services

Why choose Sterling’s Security Token Offering (STO) Services?

Sterling provides support and guidance for entrepreneurs, financial services professionals and their intermediaries seeking to conduct a security token offering or STO.


Sterling’s security token services are led by our Chairman, Bobby Brantley, who was a co-founder, former CEO and current director of MERJ EXCHANGE and group companies.  Bobby is a leading voice in the securities and crypto assets space in Seychelles.  Seychelles is an emerging jurisdiction for requirements relating to security tokens and other crypto assets.  Particularly now with the new offerings from MERJ EXCHANGE Seychelles is poised to capture global market share in this space.

Security Token Offerings

An STO is a type of securities offering where a security token is issued and either distributed directly to a blockchain address or account controlled by a “wallet” of each investor or that of a fiduciary such as a custodian where they are then credited to the account of the investor.


Securities are increasingly being issued in the form of security tokens, tokenized securities, digital securities or other similar descriptions.  A security token is a digital representation of a security that is issued and dependent on a distributed ledger technology platform.  Security tokens can be created to represent traditional securities or other underlying property such as real estate, fine art or similar.

STO Exchange Listing Services

Sterling is able to assist issuers with listing on MERJ EXCHANGE.  MERJ EXCHANGE is the first full-fledged licensed and regulated securities exchange with end to end infrastructure and licenses supporting security tokens issued on a public blockchain.  MERJ supports listing, trading, clearing, settlement, registry and depository services for security tokens meeting minimum eligibility requirements (“eligible assets”).  These include security tokens using the Ethereum blockchain protocol and in accordance with one of a few accepted security token protocol (e.g. ERC 1400, ST-20, DS Protocol).

Other STO Services

Sterling provides  directly or along with partners a number of services relating to security tokens offering a  “one stop shop” service including initial advisory, company or other SPV setup, legal and tax advisory services, exchange listing services and ongoing administrative or management support.

Corporate Services

– Full incorporation or re-domiciliation services of a company ideally suited for issuing security tokens.

– Sterling is experienced in providing varying levels of ongoing support for companies and special purpose vehicles established with us.  This support includes anything  from basic domiciliary services (i.e. statutory registered agent and registered office services) to provision of directors and even full management of special purpose vehicles.

Legal and Tax Services

– Sterling assists and where necessary can involve the services of a top-rated global law firm to prepare the necessary legal documents including those relating to the token sale.  If desired, a legal opinion is available to attest to the validity of the security token and documentation.

– Sterling is well versed on local tax laws and can arrange services of a third party to provide a supporting tax advice as necessary.  Bookkeeping services are available to meet local statutory requirements as well.