Seychelles Company Registry Search

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Sterling offers Seychelles company registry search services for both of the Seychelles company registries depending on the type of company:

  • The Seychelles company registrar for Seychelles International Business Companies (IBC) is the Financial Services Authority.  The document that is provided is a "Certificate of Official Search" and contains the following:
    • The Authorised Share Capital
    • The Guarantee Amount (if a guarantee company)
    • Name of Registered Agent
    • Address of Registered Agent
    • Location of Registered Office
    • Number of charges registered with the registrar (note that it is not mandatory to register all charges with the companies registrar and these may instead be registered only at the registered office.)
    • Date of annual fees payable
    • Company status (i.e. good standing, not in good standing, struck off, in liquidation)
  • The Seychelles company registrar for Seychelles Special License Companies (CSL), Protected Cell Companies (PCC) and domestic Seychelles companies is the Companies Division of the Registrar General.

Sterling's Seychelles companies registry search services includes the following:

  • preparation and submission of the requisite forms for the relevant Seychelles companies registrar;
  • payment of prescribed fees;
  • collection of the physical copy of the "status report";
  • physically inspecting the register and obtaining any copies of charges or similar (optional and will incur additional fees if required);
  • forwarding a scan of the status report and any other documents filed with the company registrar;
  • forwarding the originals by courier (optional and will incur additional fees if required).

The turnaround time to provide the requested documentation in relation to a Seychelles company registry search is 24-48 hours from receipt of payment for the "offshore" Seychelles registry (i.e. the Financial Services Authority) and up to 5 business days for any requests relating to entities registered with the "local" Seychelles registry (i.e. the Seychelles Registrar of Companies).

In addition to obtaining a company status report, Sterling is also able to request and obtain a certificate of good standing for any Seychelles IBC for any third party whether associated with the company or not.

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